Flood Control Projects

The Flood Control Zone District’s 2018 budget includes $4.6 million for the following capital projects.
  • Calistoga Levee, $177K
  • Habitat & Flood Capacity Creation Project, $466K
  • Orville Road Revetment(Phase 2A & 2B), $309K
  • Property Acquisitions, $1.35M
  • Puyallup Wastewater Treatment Plant Flood Protection, $1.3M
  • Tacoma Wastewater Treatment Plant Flood Wall, $1M
The District initiated a Strategic Reserve Fund in 2017 and allocated funding to the following projects:
  • Early payoff of the Puyallup Wastewater Treatment Plant Flood Protection, $911K
  • Early payoff of the Tacoma Wastewater Treatment Plant, $1M
  • Lower White River 24th Street Setback, $390K
  • Lower Puyallup River General Investigation Match, $500K
In addition, the District set aside $1M to accumulate local matching funds toward capital projects resulting from the United States Army Corps of Engineers General Investigation Study of the Lower Puyallup River.

The District also allocated approximately $1M in capital funds for use by local jurisdictions under the Opportunity Fund program.

See 2018-2023 Capital Improvement Plan project descriptions.