Flood Control Projects

The Flood Control Zone District’s 2020 budget includes $6.5 million for the following capital projects:

  • Property Acquisitions $3.5M
  • Lower White River 24th Street Setback and Restoration $400K
  • Lower White River Sumner Point Bar $250K
  • Lower White River Left Bank Setback $250K
  • Alward Setback Levee $78K
  • Calistoga/Ken Wolfe Levee $18K
  • Orville Road Revetment Phase 2C  $515K
  • Upper Nisqually Channel Migration Protection $1.4M
  • Puget Sound Shoreline Project $50K
The District allocated approximately $1.2 million in capital funds for use by local jurisdictions under the Opportunity Fund program.

The District also allocated $1.9 million for operations and maintenance by Pierce County for flood risk management reduction.