Economic Stimulus Grant Program

New Reimbursement Grant 

In 2020 the Pierce County Flood Control Zone District allocated $2 million dollars to create the Flood Risk Reduction and Watershed Management Economic Stimulus Grant program. This program was created to increase flood safety in the community while also stimulating the local economy. In order to qualify for funding, projects were are required to provide a flood reduction and/or watershed management benefit.  

Up to $1 million per project could be awarded to eligible projects including

  • Flood Control or stormwater control improvements; 
  • Community Flood Resiliency projects (i.e. installation of evacuation signage); 
  • Habitat protection and management projects; 
  • Culvert improvements; 
  • Watershed Management projects; 
  • Structure demolition that supports a larger flood risk reduction project; and 
  • Purchase of equipment for flood risk reduction. 

In order to be eligible for these funds, projects were required to be “shovel-ready” with completed design and permitting processes, with the expectation that all funds would be reimbursed by 12/31/2021. All projects were required to be included in a management plan and expected to generate jobs within Pierce County.

Eligible Applicants included

  • Cities/municipalities/Ports 
  • Indian Tribes 
  • Parks departments 
  • Non-profit organizations 


  • Northwest Seaport Alliance’s Parcel 15 Bridge across Wapato Creek was awarded $931,640.  This project replaced a failing culvert and fish barrier with a fish passable bridge.  The project also included repairs to a stormwater outfall and streambed restoration on Wapato Creek. The total cost of this project was $2,728,577.  This bridge is currently in-use and the project is expected to be completed before the end of 2021. 
  • Pierce Conservation District's South Prairie Creek Floodplain Reconnection, River Mile 2.7-2.8 Phase 1 project was awarded up to $1 million.  This project included purchasing a 73-acre parcel with ~1.1 stream miles.  The purchase will allow for additional work to implement a multi-benefit floodplain reconnection project to reduce flood risk and maintenance costs, restore salmon habitat and support continued agricultural production.  The property purchase was completed in July, 2021 and demolition is planned later this year.  
  • Pierce County's Huge Creek Culvert Replacement Project at 160th Street was awarded up to $298,060.  This project will replace a fish passage barrier with a fish-passable box culvert.  Construction is underway and scheduled to wrap-up during the summer of 2021.  
  • City of Dupont's Historic Village Stormwater Management Plan Capital Improvement Project was awarded up to $170,300.  This project includes repair and maintenance of drywells and installation of infiltration trenches and catch basins to address localized flooding and improve water quality in the City of Dupont. This project has been awarded and work is expected to be completed by October, 2021.

These successful project applicants entered into a Interlocal Agreements with the FCZD in order to receive funds.   

Applications were screened for eligibility by FCZD staff and scoring was completed by FCZD Advisory Committee members, along with FCZD staff, who provided award recommendations to the FCZD Board of Supervisors. 

Each recipient provides a quarterly update to the FCZD and will provide a presentation on their completed project in early-2022.