About the FCZD

Protecting the County from Flood Damage
Because of Pierce County’s beautiful geography, flooding poses a serious threat to our communities and critical infrastructure. In fact, a major flood could cause as much as $725 million in damages and losses, dealing a crushing blow to our county’s economy.  Funding for the FCZD comes from a countywide property levy.  In 2019, the tax is approximately eight (8.5) cents per $1,000 of assessed value. 

In light of all that is at stake, the Pierce County Council authorized Ordinance 2011-95s which created a Flood Control Zone District (FCZD), to address some of our flood management needs.  

The FCZD is a special purpose district governed by a Board of Supervisors and an Executive Committee. They receive input and recommendations from an Advisory Committee. The Pierce County’s Department of Planning & Public Works carries out the district’s approved projects and programs.  For more detail about the District read the answers to these frequently asked questions.